Welcome to Bushikan Aikido Westford, MA

Aikido of Middlesex County has become Bushikan Aikido, a dojo offering a unique and powerful style of style of Aikido.

Serving Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts, Bushikan Aikido offers a practical and functional martial art. Combining the beauty and elegance of Aikido with the severe and functional Tenshin Aikido technique, Bushikan Aikido has something to offer to any and all martial artists.

Built upon the ancient art of Budo, and incorporating a system of deflections and precise movements, Bushikan Aikido provides a unique, effective and serious martial art for those seeking serious self defense.

This solid foundation melds the old with the new; training in both traditional and modern day attacks. Attacks that include Shomenuchi and Yokomenuchi, all the way up to jabs, grabs and kick-punch and multiple-strike combinations.

Enhance your martial skills beyond just striking! Learn to control your opponent, and use his strength and aggression against him. Learn how not to get hit, grabbed or pushed. And most importantly, learn to use these types of attacks against your aggressor.

Learn the majestic art of ukemi! Many people look at Bushikan's technique and instantly think "I can't do that" or "He is killing that guy! I don't want to have that done to me!" What they do not understand, is the skill of ukemi allows the warrior who appears like he is being beat up, to pop right back up perfectly fine and attack again. Ukemi is the art of falling. It grants you the ability to take a full force punch or throw, at full speed and power, without injury or discomfort. It is a valuable skill that will last a lifetime and serve you in and out of the dojo.

Fitness can be much more engaging than lifting weights, running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. Come make friends and earn skills that will last you a lifetime.

So contact us today and experience a unique type of martial art!

Tenshin Aikido
Located in northern Westford, MA 25 minutes north of Boston and 15 minutes from New Hampshire

We are minutes from Nashua, Tyngsboro, Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford and easily accessible from Manchester New Hampshire all the way to Boston.

Distance Learning Program

Learn Bushikan Aikido from any location!

Too far too travel

For those looking to learn Bushikan Aikido but are located in areas outside reach of any dojos or affiliates, we have great news for you!

Bushikan Aikido Kai, the umbrella organization for Bushikan Aikido is offering a way to train from your current location. Simply put, once you sign up you will have access to video classes by Sinclair Shihan twice per month. After participating at your own location you will record your own session and send the videos to Shihan for review and feedback. Find out more information at the Bushikan Aikido Kai Welcome page.

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