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Recommended links to assist you on your Aikido Journey.

Sometimes you might need more research or information. Sometimes you just need a new gi or practice weapon. Here are the resources that we use and recommend.

Haruo Matsuoka Sensei - One of the greatest and most honorable Aikidoka of our time

Martial Arts Association - International - One of the oldest and largest independent martial arts orginizations

AikiWeb - Web forum dedicated to the art of Aikido. Lists Dojos, Seminars, etc.

Aikido Journal - Another fine web forum dedicated to the art of Aikido

e-Bogu - Top notch martial art uniform and equiptment supplier.

Bugei - Top notch katana dealer.

Bukico - Great quality bokkens properly sized to realistic katana proportions.

Nine Circles UK - Fantasic quality hakama at reasonable prices.

Bushikan Aikido Kai - The umbrealla organization of Bushikan Aikido.

Members site - Bushikan member's internal site.

Bushikan Aikido